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CultureSOUL: The Power of Lupita Nyong’o - PEOPLE Magazine

In the last six months, since the release of 12 YEARS in October, Ms. Nyong’o has taken Hollywood and America by storm.

First and foremost, there was her stunning Oscar-winning work in the film. A performance so powerful that in many ways, she redefined the image of the African American female in the 19th century. She bears the beauty, skin tone and features of our Nubian ancestors and by portraying the character of Patsy so powerfully on screen, she created a deep bond with the African American community. Almost as though she was the “universal woman” sent from the past to inspire us in the present. However, it was not only black audiences that responded so strongly to her but the American movie-going public as well.

And why not? She’s a lovely, classy, well-educated young woman with a fantastic sense of fashion. She became a red-carpet superstar and The Devil herself, Ms. Wintour, even became a fan. But this PEOPLE magazine cover floored me. For a young woman who looks like Lupita Nyong’o to be named “Most Beautiful”, it signals a shift in our ideas about beauty and women of color. And that’s a good thing. Lupita further endeared herself to many by giving this incredible speech on what black beauty meant to her and how far her own self-esteem has come. It’s from the Essence magazine event “Black Women In Hollywood” and arguably the most important speech she gave during Awards season. Put simply: this woman is a treasure. PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Woman indeed.

DailyPBO: The President & The Oso Survivors

President Obama traveled to Oso, WA today to survey the mudslide damage, meet the rescue workers and the families of the victims. The death toll has climbed to 41 and for the local community this is a devastating disaster which has not received enough national press. To express their thanks for his visit, a few citizens left signs along the #530 Highway.

1. " President Obama, U R our inspiration. Thank U"

2. "#OsoStrong. Thank you, Mr. President Obama, for caring”

3. “We Love You Mr. President. The Larsens”

More Obama posts than usual but he’s doing a lot of things these days. I started the DailyPBO posts to document his profound impact on culture and the country. Since the mainstream media refuses to acknowledge his power as a historical figure, it is left to us and to the historians. These posts are my contribution.

CultureSOUL: "Civil Rights: Segregation" - Greenville, SC

From the landmark 1956 LIFE magazine series photographed by world-famous photographer Margaret Bourke-White. Some gorgeous color photos of families, kids and a little Saturday night partyin’ at the local juke joint.

CultureMUSIC *The Guitarists* - Black Ax Men c. 1930s-2010s

The Pioneers.

1) Robert Johnson  /  2) Muddy Waters  /  3) Jimi Hendrix

4) Eddie Hazel (Parliament-Funkadelic)

5) Ernie Isley (The Isley Brothers.)  /  6) Prince

7) Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine)

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