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CultureHISTORY: Emmitt Till - (July 25, 1941 – August 28, 1955)

Today would have marked Till’s 73rd birthday. Sadly his fate was resigned to history when he was brutally murdered at the age of 14 while down in Mississippi visiting relatives in August 1955. The horrendous hate crime became national news and one of the major catalysts for the Civil Rights movement. It’s been reported that Rosa Parks admitted that this boy’s death was on her mind when she refused to give up her seat four months later in December of the same year.

For those who don’t know this vital story in Black (and American) history, Till was brutally slaughtered and thrown in a shallow river by two white men who thought he had disrespected a white woman by merely speaking to her. When his body was returned to his mother in Chicago, she was so distraught and angry that she requested an open casket for his funeral. The pictures were awful but they helped to galvanize the greatest civil rights movement of the 20th century.

More info here and here.

DailyPBO: The President & Canter’s Deli - July 2014

"He talked to every customer. He was very gracious. He talked to the employees. He took pictures… He couldn’t have been nicer." - Jacqueline Canter

Obama was back in L.A. today and made a surprise stop at Canter’s which is one of the oldest and most beloved restaurants in the city. 

A great local news clip from Channel 8 here. Reportedly, as he was leaving the president left $20 to pay for a few meals for some of the homeless people who occasionally frequent the nearby area. (Sidebar - check out the girl in pic #1 on the left, she can’t get that shit on IG fast enough)

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